Dr. Seong-Ho Kong | Updates in gastric cancer treatment and research at SNUH

韓國首爾大學醫學中心的 Dr. Seong-Ho Kong

Dr. Kong是Clinical Associate Professor, Division of Gastrointestinal Surgery, Department of Surgery, Seoul National University Hospital。。

Dr. Kong致力於在gastric cancer surgery和surgical innovation中進行著前瞻性的研究。並且在這些專業領域有著傑出的成就和豐富的publications。

Dr. Kong 是外科劉毓寅醫師於法國IRCAD研究時所認識的同期研究員,在法國期間一起合作許多影像導引手術的研究。Dr. Kong提供了許多研究上的改良方法及不同的思考模式,並一同發表許多SCI的論文。

Dr Kong 也在返回韓國後提供劉醫師首爾大學醫學中心參訪的機會,並解釋目前胃癌的大型臨床試驗及實際的微創手術操作方法。

今天Dr. Kong為我們演講的題目是:
Updates in gastric cancer treatment and research at SNUH

演講內容大綱如下 :

KLASS (Korean Laparoscopic Gastrointestinal Study Group) studies.
Studies on the development of gallbladder stone after gastrectomy.
Pylorus-preserving gastrectomy can be indicated to some EGC located in upper stomach.
Near infrared fluorescence guided surgery.
● ICG submucosal injection may be helpful for decision of extent of surgery.
● Cancer-specific target-based NIR imaging is under investigation.
●Development of NIR coating material for medical instruments: NICE(Near-Infrared Coating ofEquipment).

KOQUSS (KOrean QUality of life in Stomach cancer patients Study group) developed a symptom-focused quality of life questionnaire model for patients who underwent gastrectomy.
Clinical trials on advanced gastric cancer.
●neoadjuvant chemotherapy using FLOT regimen and/or immune oncology drug (MATTERHORN trial).
●International retrospective cohort study for conversion surgery.